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    Can a complete quad C4 feel pain?

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    What do you mean? Nerve pain or pain to the lower body caused by a stimulus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    What do you mean? Nerve pain or pain to the lower body caused by a stimulus?

    I assume they would be able to feel nerve pain. I want to become a physical therapist. I'm just curious and wondering.

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    Chronic neuropathic pain is common in all people with SCI/D. For some, this is a sensation of pain below their spinal cord injury, but it is not due to nosioception (pain receptors) in the area where the pain is felt, but instead due to scaring and other damage in the cord itself which is transmitted to the brain (we think).

    A person with a complete SCI would rarely have any sensation of nosioceptive input (such as sticking them with a pin) below the level of their injury. Such sensation is tested for when doing the ISNCSCI (formerly ASIA) examination. Their body (but not their brain) may feel it, which is how such input causes autonomic dysreflexia.


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