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Thread: 45th Anniversary

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    45th Anniversary

    My lovely lady and I are celebrating our 45th anniversary and almost simultaneously, 32 years since my c 6/7 complete injury.

    NL is a rock and has been my sole caregiver in all of these intervening 32 years.

    Not sure where the road will take us and we undoubtedly will need to make adjustments along the way.

    But, damn, with this woman by my side, it has been one hell of a ride!!!

    All the best,

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    That's awesome! Congratulations. We just celebrated 28 years together, and it will be 29 years next month for My
    husband's injury.

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    Congrats! It is really something now days to have a marriage that lasts that long. My grandparents had 56 years, and my parents 58.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Congrats! It is really something now days to have a marriage that lasts that long. My grandparents had 56 years, and my parents 58.

    It sure is! My folks made it to 55 before Mom died. We're at 28 and I just passed my 22nd disasterversary the 25th. Congrats and I'd say you have a real gem there not a rock.
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    My heartiest happy anniversary wishes for you and NL, GJ!
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    June 8 will be our 46th, and I was injured 31 years ago. My wife endured a lot in those years, but she's still here. Deeper love for her everyday.

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    Congratulations! It great to have a rock to lean on. I would not be around today if I did not have one.
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    Congratulations from here as well.

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    Happy anni to you both!!!

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