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Thread: In Memorium

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    In Memorium

    A grateful thank you to all our military & veterans who gave their lives and health to protect us all. We remember on Memorial Day 2014.


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    for my brothers and sisters in arms

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    thanks to all who served

    the pilot in the slick that came into a HLZ at great personal peril to extract me and saved my life

    the docs and nurses who put me back together several times

    all those behind the scenes who enabled us to do our jobs

    and lastly to those I've lost, I miss you and will never forget.

    and those I never knew you are not forgotten


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    A day to remember the sacrifice of my 10 uncles who served in World War II and the successive family members who have followed their example. Thanks to all who served with them and gave so much to insure that freedom survives.
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    A moment of silence to remember.

    GJ & NL

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    a belated agreement and support
    cauda equina

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