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Thread: Seat cushion?

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    I use the Comfort Company's Adjuster. I needed more dump, and simply added/removed air cells to achieve that. I mapped very well - it's super comfortable - I have sensation so don't need it for pressure distribution, but they mapped me anyway.
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    I am a person with mild/moderate hexaparesis (impaired movement in 4 limbs, head, & torso) caused by RRMS w/TM C7&T7 incomplete.

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    supracor for me classic xs. been using for many years never even red spot. they wick heat and moisture. I've never been a roho fan in my 28 yrs. rolling. never been mapped, I think it can make ppl complacent with their skin checks etc. we need to know our bodies. rep
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    I've used the Supracor Stimulite Classic XS for years and they have worked well for me. I did get an inch of extra cushioning put in one (over and above the XS).

    A lot depends on you, different people need very different cushions depending on their medical situation. I'm a para and never had a serious pressure sore, so I can get by with a simpler cushion than some.

    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Decades back I started with a Roho and it's a fine cushion but experienced repeated puncture leaks. Never had much luck with patching them myself and even with the quick turnaround repair service offered by Roho, it's inconvenient.
    For the past many years, I've been using Supracor Stimulite cushions -- the Classic and the Sport. They are lightweight, easy to clean, maintenance free and virtually indestructible. AND comfortable. So, barring a specific need for a specific type of cushion, I don't think you can go wrong with a Stimulite.

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    I use a combination of a Roho Quattro over top a Varilite CPB.

    I have little meat on my butt, or back of legs, with very prominent sit bones and trochanters. Despite being an incomplete para, and in quite a bit of motion below my injury level throughout the day, I am still considered at high risk. Because I move a lot, shearing is of particular concern. The Roho is considered the most effective cushion at minimizing shearing forces. Being so bony I also require quite a lot of contouring in my cushion for proper support, with good posture, while simultaneously off loading pressure from "hot spots" caused by bony prominences. The Varilite CPB provides the customized shaping capabilities, for managing both. It isn't exactly an off-the-shelf solution, however, by adding these 2 products together I have achieved something that even my seating consultants could not improve upon. Not even using a fully custom orthotic cushion (which they tried).

    I've also come to appreciate the significant role backrests play in the pressure/posture equation. Both back and cushion need to be taken into account, considered as a unit, relative to one another, when putting together an optimal seating solution. Frame geometry, also, of course, but that is beyond the scope of the immediate question.

    It suffices to say, taking a holistic approach to seating, and having professional consultation, is very important. The cushion is but one piece of the puzzle. Especially if your level of risk is not minimal.
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    Regarding "Are there any new kinds out there?"

    Yes, there is a new "X" line of Vicair cushions, the most configurable of them being the maunfacturer's Vicair Vector X cushion.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I believe my cushion is a Jay 2. I have never had a seat specialist. Probably have to look into one. Don't know if there is one in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skoalongcut View Post
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I believe my cushion is a Jay 2. I have never had a seat specialist. Probably have to look into one. Don't know if there is one in my area.
    The Jay 2 is designed as much for positioning as it is skin protection and many who have sensation intact hate that cushion. It has a very rigid base.
    Seeing a specialist is good advice. Everyone responds to cushions differently and your physical needs, comfort and environment all play a big role in selecting what's best.

    My my recent experiences with products:
    From Jay, the Ion Union and Fusion are all good products. Jay is now using anti-microbial fabric in the covers as well as spacer fabric to keep your buttocks off the foam a little better for improved air flow.
    The Vicair products have been on the market for years and get passed from one distributor to the next. Comfort Company has now taken the line over since Johnson & Johnson dumped it. Those are not bad products but I've found they can be hit or miss with individual users. They have a bit of a devoted following but aren't widespread.
    Varilite cushions do well, but don't last as long as some others. The foam used is very soft and breaks down quickly. Not a problem if you have insurance but can get costly if you're buying it yourself.
    ROHOs are a "love/hate" brand. IF used correctly, they're hard to beat for skin protection but using it right is tricky. Too much air or too little yields a cushion that's basically useless. You have to be aware of how to keep it inflated properly and monitor it frequently. They can be somewhat unstable if you have postural issues and, of course, they can leak.

    But, see a specialist. Everything I listed above is very general info and may or may not apply to your case.

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    Yesterday I was fitted for a new chair. Hoping insurance OK's a TR with ADI disc brakes and a Jay2 cushion (Been using one for 21.75 years, the other .25 was using a Otto Bock)

    I had never been mapped before and they did that for me. The tech was giving me crap about using a Jay 2 and figured it would map poorly. Much to her surprise it was the best mapping she had ever seen. Even said I don't need to worry about lifting. Even just leaning forward there is very low pressure on my bottom. Was glad to see that and it would help explain no sores in 20+ years.

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