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Thread: Seat cushion?

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    Seat cushion?

    Just wondering what everyone uses for a wheelchair seat cushion. Are there any new kinds out there? What have you used that has worked?

    Thanks, Clint

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    Decades back I started with a Roho and it's a fine cushion but experienced repeated puncture leaks. Never had much luck with patching them myself and even with the quick turnaround repair service offered by Roho, it's inconvenient.
    For the past many years, I've been using Supracor Stimulite cushions -- the Classic and the Sport. They are lightweight, easy to clean, maintenance free and virtually indestructible. AND comfortable. So, barring a specific need for a specific type of cushion, I don't think you can go wrong with a Stimulite.

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    My husband has a Varilite Evolution PSV seat cushion, and we are very happy with it. He also has a Supracor Stimulite Silver cushion, but he only uses that in the shower because it is not an everyday cushion. Both are good and light weight. We like the Varilite because he can adjust the amount of air. The Supracor Stimulite is nice because you can wash it.

    Seating is a big deal, and it's probably a good idea to get a seating evaluation done and demo different types before you choose. This was not an option for us, but overall we are happy with what we chose.
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    Your best bet is to get a seating evaluation with pressure mapping on different cushions to determine which one is best for you. I've had problems with Roho's myself. A couple of times they've gotten really low on me and caused sores which later required surgery. It's important to keep up on your cushion everyday, Especially if it is air filled. Good luck on your quest
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    I use a Roho Qaudtro, it's been less than a year and I haven't gotten any leaks. It's changed my life in that I no longer have to transfer and can stay in my chair. Huge difference. I am worried about leaks but they haven't happened to me yet and I am hoping they don't. If it does become a problem I will look at other cushions. I tried a Varilite once at an Abilities Expo and found it hard and uncomfortable. I am open minded though and would try it again, maybe they have softer ones and I might just have a different experience the next time. The thing I have realized as that the right cushion makes a huge difference.

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    Roho Mosaic, likely the cheapest Roho thats worth a try, outperformed every cushion on my seating evaluation. Can get one on ebay for $65.
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    I tried a Stimulite Supracor cushion. I tried it 3 different times and got 3 pressure ulcers. The problem I have is heat but my physiatrist is researching a new and cooler Roho.

    Good luck.
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    I've been using the Supracor Stimulite for about 5 years with no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millard View Post
    I tried a Stimulite Supracor cushion. I tried it 3 different times and got 3 pressure ulcers. The problem I have is heat but my physiatrist is researching a new and cooler Roho.

    Good luck.
    Stimulites are more breathable (and thus cooler) than Rohos. I use both.

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    Ditto on seat mapping and it being very personal for what works best. You really need to get out there and try things.

    Since I don't have paralysis, my insurance would only cover a'general use' cushion which was awful. It was a comfort company curve. Next a friend sent me a Jay combi which was a step up. Then I bought an Invacare infinity off eBay, another step up. Then a vicair vector which has been the best so far and the first one to allow me to stay in my chair the length of time needed. But I still haven't found the perfect cushion because heat is an issue, and I really need a lower cushion because my rsh is too high and as low as my chair can go. So I'm hoping a stimulite might be the ticket, and will try to get a demo or something from voc rehab. I was moving forward on that but had setbacks. Good luck!
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