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Thread: wife care giver

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    I've been my husbands caregiver for 8 years as well. I know where you are coming from, but you do need to think of yourself too. Ask for help from friends and family. You will be amazed at how (after awhile) much good it will do you and him both.

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    Most of us who used to post in the private caregivers forum are in a private group I run on Facebook. PM me if you want to join us over there. - Ami
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    Could you add me to the fb group? My email is I've been the primary for my husband for 38 years.
    I'd really like to have the support and be a positive support to othrrs as well. Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to talk to people anymore. My fault I know for not going out on my own but you all know how that goes. Lots of stress this past year.
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