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Thread: Banding pain

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    Banding pain

    Ever since my neck injury just over 2 years ago, I've had this intense band of pain that now feels like it's getting worse. I describe it to my physiatrist as wearing a sports bra 5 sizes to small - feels like my ribs & chest are being squeezed. He says it's nerve pain and that the cymbalta I'm on for burning in legs/feet should be helping. Can't take neurontin or gabapentin...both made me crazy depressed with wicked mood swings.

    any suggestions for the banding pain? Having to wear a bra only makes it worse, but not an option to go without. Many nights I lay one gel ice packs to try to numb/freeze away the pain.

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    Do a search using "banding" and pain on the forums and you should get quite a few hits. Banding is especially reported by those with TM.
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