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Thread: Suicide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    James, you have options both for life and for death which you are just avoiding. Either way you choose to go, you would be well served to man up. Stop dwelling on excuses and get down to business. Live. Die. Whatever. Life is hard. Even harder when you're obsessed with whining about it. You have the power to change. One way, or the other. Stop making excuses. You'd be happier, or gone. Win, win. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to not mince words. Good luck.
    And how do you suggest I do that, I wish it was that simple I have powerful shotguns in the back that I cant control or even get to. My only single option is to drown myself in my tiny back pond which I stood at for hours but can't seem to face because I live with my entire life, now it's to be my tomb I can't do it. So I contact places like Diginas expensive travel, flying is extremely difficult for us so it takes a ridiculously long time, especially when I want to leave money for research. I live with my family so I cant starve myself, I stopped doing catheters, but the pain is unbelievable and it's not fair to suffer like that in front of them, they understand my decision but that's a little much. I want a quick, painless, dignified death fortunately I can do that myself believe me I wish I could.

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    Guys I'm sorry about the rant, like I said ignore that but thank you for your words of encouragement. But I made this post mainly because I just want to know about being put in award even though we are severely disabled and majority of people that are healthy would rather die then face this. I don't believe that there is a fair comparison I understand helping someone that has a family, or is dealing with a bad divorce, alcohol disorder, but not severe paralysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    That's why I said apparently, I was looking through my medical notes said C4 constantly, asked my doctor because my surgeon said C-5 C6, she said that your functioning at C4 so I'm class there I guess
    Ah okay, I thought you had pretty good arm use. (didn't mean to change the subject, just curious.)

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    James - would you consider contacting SCI Canada for a referral to their peer support program?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    Ah okay, I thought you had pretty good arm use. (didn't mean to change the subject, just curious.)
    He functions at the C5 level. No wrist extension but he has biceps and deltoids.
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

    Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    He functions at the C5 level. No wrist extension but he has biceps and deltoids.
    Oh... Not what I would call a C4, but I haven't seen a neurologist in 20 years. But that's an entirely different thread topic.

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    People come to these forums for advice on they're daily struggles, and then you can take the advice and do what you wish with it. What we're NOT here for is to tell it's okay to give up and die, or kill yourself.
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    That's not what I'm asking the only one that has a right to make that judgment is myself. I'm curious about others peoples experience with a shrink and the possibilities of being put in a ward, when talking about suicide with them. I'm just saying in my opinion this should be a special circumstance considering severe paralysis, but that's just my opinion I could be very wrong on that topic that's why I'm asking.

    But said to Oddity was just in response to him saying if that's my choice then man up and get to it, I'm just explaining it's not that simple.

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    We just want you to realize that even though things DO suck, they're not all that bad. Happiness is still possible.
    I'm not sure of what you're belief in life after death is, but if this is all there is, wouldn't you rather try out the cards you've been dealt with?

    Stay strong, man. Stay strong.
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    Hate to say this, but I also hate hearing it and I believe I can speak for a lot of people that would agree with me about being a quadriplegic it really is that fucking bad!! Literally it really is, sucks isnt a proper word to describe it but often gets used if I were to try to put it in to words SCI and what it does to you is horrific, atrocious tragedy.

    I know what it's done to me, but more importantly I've read what it's done to other people and what extreme measures people have done to get away from it and it is truly sickening, words cannot describe. Let's not spit in their face and undermined the impact of SCI.

    Yes happiness is possible, I agree. But by choice, and a lot of coping. It's not the same as when were able body, people may say that happiness and sadness comes and goes even when you're healthy, when you become disabled and lose control of the one thing you're given in life to interact with the world around you it's a much different thing, not even comparable, despair becomes all-too-familiar and to a much deeper extent.

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