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    I finally started to talk to a shrink, at the request of a friend. It's not going to change my situation so I don't believe it's going to help me but whatever. I'll get right to it! I want to die! I can't go back to boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting, powerlifting, wrestling, BJJ that was my life that's what gave me purpose, my dreams are gone. I can't have/ feel sex at all there's no sensation what so ever it's pointless. I can't stand asking for everything anymore, I can take asking for food, water, iPads, TV, get in bed, get me out of bed etc ive come to realize that my entire life revolves around what others will do for me not what I do for myself. Adaptive equipment, OTs, physiotherapy it only does so much, in the end ill always need someone's help. I can't stand the indignity of people playing with me ass for bowel care, and shoving tubes down my dick every 4 hours. I'm 22 and developed a resistance to most antibiotics with the same constant bug that's colonized my bladder, I have osteoporosis, and a big Synrix. My friends have come back from school and stop by every now, but before this it was nine months of nothing except physiotherapy it was and is all I had or have soon I won't be able to afford it, especially if I adopt a house. My best friend called me the other day he was at lone Star have a good time (while I sit in my tv room like always), he told me how one of our friends is screwing the girl I liked and was talking to before my injury. Was heading to West Point to go surfing, then offered if I wanted to go to the hayloft Saturday night (really popular county bar it was their opener) it's a barn there would be thousands of people shoulder to shoulder, realistically I could go because it's too crowded and rugged. But either way I had to stay home because of ics. When we hung up I instantly broke to tears. Even when I go out its but but did not say. Drinking you worry about your bladder and accidents. Contents and bars you want to jump, dance, roll, throw your arms etc. Girls Jump on me in my chair but I feel nothing it's almost like torture. Once the night is done I have to go back to my hospital bed there's no more roaming the streets, going to girls houses, or crashing at my buddies place going where the wind takes you the real fun. Once it's done , the party's over first time in months I feel young again and experience a little bit of Joy, and company of my young friend. I wake up alone, night beg on back in hell they go back to their activities and lives, job etc but they see each other at least once a day for some reason or another I don't anymore, it's not like when I jumped in my car do what I got to do stop by my buddies then head back home on a Monday that's gone.

    Bo Ho right Anyways I told my doctor when she asks, the only reason I'm alive is I can't physically kill my self. But now with the shrink my friend says watch what you say. They can't put me in ward for wanting to die because I'm crippled from the neck down right? I mean if assisted suicide was legal which it will be soon I'd be the first one in line, then it would be perfectly acceptable. It's perfectly reasonable and rational to want to die after this, I'm not happy I survive life clinged to me like a disease. When I was launched out the window i realized what had happened, new right away i was paralyzed and when they found me I said let me die! Once in the hospital throughout my stay three times I said let me die. It had no result they made the choice for me, it bothers me greatly that nobody including doctors, friends or family ever asked "James do you want to live the rest of your life like this" no they just assumed that I'd rather live in a chair in pain, go throw hell and undignified procedures to live miss out on so much and lose so much, rather then Face the unknown. Now it's like I have a moral obligation to live (suffer).

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    I have no answers and you can be committed for saying thigs like that to a doc. DO you have a DNR (do Not Resucitate) a no extraordinary measures doc. lastly, you've been here before with this, many of us share your desire. are you seeing a shrink or paying lip service. are you taking anti depressants. you can't say let me die you need the certified, notarized (in CT) paperwork

    I am sorry for your situation, trust me I know how you feel I starte 2 of the most controversial topics on the board over it polarizing some of the members etc. but yours still seems a knee jerk reaction.

    I cry ervry ntie every morning, spasm all nite, scream, unimaginable pain. Do you think you are the only one here who has lost everything? It is not for me to judge but I think you are not even trying to talk to the shrinks or help yourself as best able. I've had worse said to me here so sorry if I come off a bit testy.

    and if hell bent go to Oregon

    sadly, ket

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    It's perfectly reasonable and rational to want to die after this, I'm not happy I survive life clinged to me like a disease.
    I'm not sure if you're trying to convince yourself or us. I'm sorry you're suffering. If you could only get yourself around others like you to see how they make do. Good luck.
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    Thank you lynifer i now fully understand how others make do some do more then others, but none interest me as something for my self The "big ones" that we all have to live without and with are enough to make me see no purpose or point. Never fighting again is just very thick icing on top of the cake.

    we all know what I'm mean about the "big ones" some mean more to others.

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    I'm just writing garbage, venting aka whining basically! Pay no attention to that. My main point is the question about the ward nonsense, it doesn't make sense to me it's not illegal to kill yourself. I'm not taking anti depressant I don't believe in them, it can't change any of the many things that make me miserable or more importantly give us back our freedom.

    Kitty I'm past the point of arguing to justify myself, but why is everyone jumps at someone in misery as if they thing they're the only ones to lost everything, I digress as I said pay no a attention to my sicken rabble I simply have had no to talk to about this in 5 days, and a very resentful father for being a burden. Let me ask you this do you think your the only one with spasms, crying at night only to hide it, or else be yelled at and insult for mourning something "that's not a big deal, begging for death every night, begging to be killed by something you don't believe in out of desperation, dreams become better then life an escape, only to wake up and almost cry your back, blah blah. Yes I'm very aware. DNR filled, will done, diginas membership sent (does Oregon offer same services?) No I'm not trying with a shrink, how can whining once a week with some random guy take away the constant mental, physical agony of living as a quad. I'm ready to chew my useless dead hand off, the inability to feel and interact fully and freely with this world. I can't even care about my deteriorating urology system anymore other then the relentless un ignorable pain it causes.

    This forum is all to familiar with suicide. I dismiss loath this deplorable blight on humanity that is Paralysis, I'm bias to SCI of course. That's why I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for my large settlement so I can leave it to SCI research. Sadly I've made a bad selection with lawyers I don't know how much longer I can go, I'm grinding my teeth lately trying to do as much as my crippled self can to preoccupied myself but this fucking injury suck joy and excitement out of everything for me. I've made my decision within seconds to not live as a quadriplegic with little understanding of the full implications. I had a horrific assumption but life experience quickly surpassed even my worst thoughts.

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    CAnt imagine being in your place either, sorry for ya. I believe it should be ones choice also

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    Sorry James. Whether it helps or not to hear it, you're not alone in this nightmare bizarro life of being dependent. I think you know by now that dying as a quad would actually be frightfully easy.

    This isn't the fight you wanted, but it's the fight you got.

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    Thanks man. But it's not a fight it's a stalemate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    Thanks man. But it's not a fight it's a stalemate.
    It's the fight of your life for your life and for the rest of your life. I hope you win the championship bout.

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    OK, then try - "This is not the life you wanted, but it is the life you got."
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