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Thread: Mice with multiple sclerosis-like condition walk again after human stem cell treatmen

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    Mice with multiple sclerosis-like condition walk again after human stem cell treatmen

    Mice severely disabled by a multiple sclerosis (MS) -- like condition could walk less than two weeks following treatment with human stem cells. The finding, which uncovers new avenues for treating MS, will be published online on May 15, 2014, in the journal Stem Cell Reports.

    When scientists transplanted human stem cells into MS mice, they predicted the cells would be rejected, much like rejection of an organ transplant.

    Expecting no benefit to the mice, they were surprised when the experiment yielded spectacular results.

    "My postdoctoral fellow Dr. Lu Chen came to me and said, 'The mice are walking.' I didn't believe her," said co-senior author, Tom Lane, Ph.D., a professor of pathology at the University of Utah, who began the work at University of California, Irvine.

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    Awesome! I for one will be following this!

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