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Thread: thinking of developing some type of disability awareness program. thoughts???

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    thinking of developing some type of disability awareness program. thoughts???

    I have a passion to help other people like me. i am trying to find what i am suppose to do with my life. i have been thinking of starting up some type of program in my city and surrounding area about disability awareness. i would love to build this into a full time career but dont know how to get the funding. i would love to take wheelchairs into schools and make kids sit in them an entire day to realize how hard it is to adapt and move around in life. i would love to also tell them my story of how i got here and hope to open up some eyes and change the lives. has anyone done something like this before? do you make enough money to get by with your program? is there a program already in place that i can extend to my state, and actually make a living doing it? i have this passion and want to persue it. any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
    Josh S.
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    I am not sure that this is a way to make a living. Most of the programs I am familiar with are done by volunteers or voluntary organizations. For example, the PVA chapter in my area does some of this with local schools. The schools in my area do not have the money to pay for programs like this.

    You should check out the Kids On The Block program to get started:


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