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Thread: Help! Healed pressure sore now looks angry

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    Question Help! Healed pressure sore now looks angry

    I had a pressure sore on my rear end by a bony area where i had a flap surgery in the late 1990s. It recently healed after three weeks in bed. I sat up for a little while Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in my chair using a Roho cushion and the healed place looked fine. Last night I got up and took a shower in my shower chair. After getting back in bed the recently healed area was dark red - looks like blood under the skin. This morning the same area is lighter red but still the same size. The skin is not broken. I'm staying completely off of it now. What could have caused this and what do I do to treat it now?

    I tried to attach a picture but it doesn't seem to let me while using an iPad

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    Any redness etc.. could be indicating the "healed" pressure ulcer is no longer healed. And you have to remember pressure ulcers is what is underneath the skin in the deep areas near the closest bone that you can't see. I keep all pressure off of it and see if it goes away.

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    The pressure has been off of it for two days and the color has drastically improved. It has gone from a dark red-purple look to a light red look and has decreased in size. The biggest improvement came from the night it happened to the next morning.

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    Knocked it on the wheel while transferring? I really hate roho cushions too ... I just sweat on them so it's bad for my skin.
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    Anything that is purplish red is considered a" deep tissue injury" and unstageable even if not open! I would recommend another few days until totally gone. Be very, very careful!!! When you get up in chair I would only do so for 15 minutes and if no issues then slowly increase by 15minutes increments.

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