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Thread: High Cholestrol??

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    High Cholestrol??

    I did a blood test today and it showed my LDL is above the limit. I'm not over weight and I go to the gym 3 times a week.. What could be the reason? Should I lose weight? I was fasting for the test ( 12 hrs before the test)
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    Umm any idea how to lower my cholesterol at least??

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    What does your doc recommend?

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    He is away until Mid June!

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    Two points: read (written by a doctor pointing out that statins are "...a cure in search of a disease...".

    And, I take Niacin (1000mg BID) that not only lowers LDL but raises HDL. Different units than what you list, but my cholesterol is 130/65. The LDL=130 is not what the drug makers call "to goal",but my doctor and I are satisfied.

    And, FIW, there is evidence that the original reports linking cholesterol and heart disease were completely bogus. The researcher "cherry picked" the data to support his hypothesis, but, since he was such a "renowned scientist", nobody questioned it.

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    High cholesterol for me is usually tied to my thyroid. Any fluctuations in losing weight if not gaining?
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    There is a genetic component to cholesterol that may be responsible for the high level. My brother does everything in the book to keep the levels in check and it is not enough. He still has to take statins.
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    Niacin is for those with chronic high cholesterol. If this is the first time it is up and your total cholesterol is okay then he will tell you that you need to diet and stay away from unsaturated fats etc. i.e fried foods switch to more baked and chicken and fish. Cut down on fat . Have you tried cooking with extra virgin olive oil instead of others?

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    I will of course defer to SCI-Nurse for definitive medical advice, and I recognize that consulting with "Dr. Internet" is always a dangerous thing. The last thing on earth I ever wanted to do was "self treat" my multiple sclerosis, but the 10th neurologist I saw said "The Mayo says you have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Here's a script for a power chair. There's no reason for me to see you again" I felt the need to do my own research.

    What I have learned is: Autopsies have shown that people who died of strokes or heart attacks may or may not have evidence of cholesterol blocked arteries. There does not appear to be a correlation. On the other hand, there is evidence that, for most people, commonly prescribed cholesterol modifying medications (i.e., Statins) may have unintended side effects. "Statin induced neuropathy" for example. Since while statins may lower LDL in the blood, they also lower HDL. HDL is one of the ingredients of myelin...hence, there is some on going research that suggests statins may actually play a part in preventing MS patients from rebuilding myelin. (The study, funded by the drug companies, investigating if statins could be used to treat MS says no).

    Niacin, unlike statins is cheap, generic, and actually helps increase HDL. (While taking Pravachol for 4 years, my numbers were always 140/35. LDL < 40 is considered dangerous). Unfortunately, for some people Niacin causes a "flush" about 30 minutes after dosage. This does take some getting used to.

    However, like SCI-Nurse says, it is possible to bring cholesterol numbers into an acceptable range thru diet and exercise. The only issue is...what is "acceptable". Going back to what I said in the beginning, since there does NOT appear to be an actual direct correlation between cholesterol and heart disease, some doctors suggest monitoring these numbers over a period of years. There does not appear to be a "one size fits all" guideline. Establish a baseline for the patient. If the numbers shoot up, then maybe take action.

    For the record, I take Niacin as part of the Vanderbilt Protocol that treats MS as a bacterial infection (in some people).

    When I went to the Mayo 5 years ago, I was asked to bring along all the medical records I could find. I noticed that prior to a heart attack in 2000, my cholesterol was measured at 180/60...not considered "dangerously high". After treatment with Statins for 4 years, the numbers, as I said, were 140/35. In my mind, that's not an acceptable improvement.

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