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Thread: Any interest in a Harley Sportster trike with full hand controls? In South Carolina

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    Any interest in a Harley Sportster trike with full hand controls? In South Carolina

    So I have this bike, but I haven't ridden it in literally years at this point, the last time I went out to see it, it wouldn't start cuz the gas went bad.

    So it's a 1980ish (83, 85, I forget, it's been a long while and I'm not big into Harleys) Ironhead which I bought off a guy who had just converted it into a trike. I had him make me a thumb operated rear brake and a right handed shifter which you can see in the second picture (silver handle just below the seat). There are those bucket type dealies which hold my feet, and with TiLite ZRA I was able to just hook the foot plate of my wheelchair over the back of the passenger back rest, leaving the wheels and everything on.

    It's located in a storage unit in Upstate South Carolina, but I'm not terrible nearby. It's not currently running, but if there is someone who was interested I could definitely put some time in and get it running so you could take it out. I'm not riding it and it's not really suited to an able bodied rider, so I wanted to see if anyone on here was interested in buying it. I'd probably let it go for less than you could buy a regular type used trike, cuz the market for the "hands only" crowd is pretty small, and I'm not likely to have enough time to ride it in the next 5 or 6 years.

    Stuff that's kinda sketchy:
    -There are no straps for the foot bucket that you see mounted on the pegs. Actually he made me some straps, but my size 11 shoes fit in it with just a bit of wiggle room and I never worried about them falling out.
    -You gotta take your hand off the brakes to shift (really you just have to think ahead, and realize if you have to emergency brake you're going not going to be able to downshift in time)
    -The rear brakes probably need some work, I don't remember exactly how it's set up and I'm no engineer, but he did something like put two master cylinders in the rear brake setup (like one feeds into another, know what I'm saying?) so to get full braking power out of the rear brakes you have to pump the thumb lever once or twice. This could probably be remedied rather easily. I only drove it a few hundred miles, and just pumped the rear brakes intermittently or right before I knew I was going to brake.

    Basically if you're interested let a brother know (PM me) and I betcha I could make you a deal that you couldn't beat elsewhere.

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    I'll be sending you a PM.

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    PM's have been replied to. I know it's really annoying when someone doesn't put a price on something, and I told Tman $6500 so I'll go ahead and post that on this thread as well.


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    How does $5500 sound to people? Any interest?

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    I am sending you a PM

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    Thumbs up

    @funklab I am sad that I didn't see this post before, I just stumbled upon it while I was searching for right thumb shifter setup for sportster.
    Amazing setup that you had there (bike is probably gone already)! I am having some hard times last few weeks to explain to few engineers what kind of setup I actually need. These guys keep talking that this setup will be close to exhaust, it will go hot so the heat can break the switch?? I have read something here: but since I am not a mechanical I barley understand what they are talking about

    I wonder if you are still in contact with that guy who had converted your Ironhead into a trike. I wonder if he would share some knowledge?

    p.s. don't know how to use private messages I guess this question might sound more like a private message

    Anyway thanks! I am looking forward to ride my bike again after long, long time!

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    Mrki. What about a jockey shifter? There is also a guy that makes centrifugal clutches for about any bike. Let me know I'll get his name. Check the Brothers of the Third wheel for more stuff.

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    @baldfatdad Great advice! I am going to check if a jockey shifter setup would be possible at this moment. It could be something for me BTW I will contact for sure...thanks!!

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