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Thread: Any interest in a Harley Sportster trike with full hand controls? In South Carolina

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    is it sold?

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    Looks like I missed a few posts here. But I have an update. The bike is still available. I've been hella busy so it has just sat in a storage unit for the past two years since my original post.

    I visited it a couple weeks ago. It's not in the greatest of shape. I'm sure the gas has gone horribly bad in it and it will need the carb rebuilt and probably some new lines and definitely some new oil a battery and spark plugs.

    The Good News is that I'm getting sick of paying for it (the storage unit) and I only have a couple months to get rid of it, so make me an offer, especially if you're nearby (Fort Lawn, SC). I'd hate to pay to have it towed to a junk yard, but if I can't figure out what to do with it in the next couple months I won't have much of a choice.

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    check for pm's

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    Still got it, still like to get rid of it. Let me know if u r interested.

    It pretty much has to be gone by June.
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    How does $2000 sound to anyone?It's not in the greatest shape ATM, I let some gas go bad in it so the carb will need to be rebuilt and the battery is completely dead. Basically at this point I'm trying to avoid the bike ending up in the junkyard, it's got solid innards and a new (maybe 100 miles on it) trike conversion.If $2000 doesn't sound right, feel free to make me an offer, I'd just hate for this bike to go to it's grave just because I was a lazy ass and didn't have time to ride it for a few years (all of which it's been sitting inside a storage unit).

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    $1500 anyone?Make an offer.

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    Is this still available? PM sent.

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    still avilable

    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    $1500 anyone?Make an offer.
    is bike still avilable

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    Call me at 647-388-7653

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    Please email me at about the bike.

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