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Thread: Neurogenic Bladder Problem

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    Neurogenic Bladder Problem

    I have a neurogenic bladder related to a spinal cord injury at the c5 level. Although I can urinate without cathing, I frequently will cath to see if there is any residual bladder contents. My problem is I recently had lumbar back surgery at the L3 and L4 levels. After the surgery I was unable to urinate properly for about three days. Is this common for a c3 quad?

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    I recently learned that general anesthetics can effect both peeeing, at least in men, and the Babinski reflex. If you're back to where you were pre-op then I'd let your doctor know for any future possible surgeries.
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    It is more related to the L3-L4 surgery and is also common after surgery due to anesthesia.

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