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Thread: How much therapy?

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    How much therapy?

    My husband is C7 inc. he was injured 3/2013. Started out patient therapy 6/2013 twice a week. O/T and P/T. In Oct it was accidentally discovered that he had re-fractured his right leg. Brown Sequard - good movement but no feeling. Had surgery in Nov and has recently been allowed to weight bear, so he starting therapy again.

    Our insurance allows 50 per year, in June they indicated that in some situations they may approve more. When I asked his rehab dr., he made a comment about therapy is used to reach a goal they aren't a gym membership.

    Our goal is to gain as much strength and balance possible to have as much ability to walk as possible. I get that he has to workout on his own too but what is the average amount of therapy needed in the beginning? Are we wrong to want the guidance and knowledge of a P/T to accomplish this?

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    Hi PBing,

    You guys are definitely right to want some guidance with the exercises- the last thing you would want is to do something unsafe and have another setback. Could you ask the PT for a home program? Or start taking notes during his PT sessions and see if there's anything you could recreate safely at home. With SCI injuries you want to be aggressive with the recovery- I know a lot of our clients have had issues with their physical therapists as well could you look into any alternative rehabilitation in the area? Some ideas are massage therapy, acupuncture, pool therapy, exercise based therapy.

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    We have gotten approved for additional therapy sessions, just this week. Our insurance will monitor him to ensure he is progressing. He is doing all that you have suggested. We purchased and installed a exercise rail system w/ elastic tubing like he used at Barrows Rehab. He goes to an acupuncturist twice a month. Workouts in the pool every day and we recently found an awesome Pilates instructor that does Fascial Stretch Therapy for him twice a week. It has given him some relief with his spasms.
    thank you for your suggestions. I'm happy to know we are doing as much as we can for his recovery.

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    Therapy is diffrent for everyone I personally did 18 Mo . In a Christopher reeve NRN program it was 2 hours 5 days a week. I made huge gains tho I went from a Asia A complete to Asia D can comfortably walk with canes. Your doctor sounds like a butt hole. If that is his attitude it probably passes through facility. It feels like when you need the therapy the most is when they try to run you off. If you can find a diffrent facility try something diffrent I will drive 2 hrs to go to Shepherd in Atl instead of driving 20 min to Sisken. The attitude of the staff makes the diffrence. If you find a good center they should be happy to work with you as much as you feel you need and your insurance will cover.

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    Thanks Silver, we have been able to work with our insurance to get more therapy sessions approved. BCBS has been great at working with the rehab center and had been extending his therapies.
    That is great that you have made those gains. Takes a lot of hard work. We have also found a Disabilty Center here that has a workout facility, he has been going to that and working out on his own 2 - 3 hrs a day 3 - 4 times a week.

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    I was diagnosed with brown sequard syndrome in February 2006.

    My physical therapist and athletic trainers were correct when they informed me the most functional return is between 18 and 24 months.

    Nine years post injury and I continue to experience recovery however subtle but progressive.

    Although I am able to walk and resume my daily activities, I continue vigorous exercise twice a week and I still go to physical therapy 2 to 3 months out of the year.

    As for the rehabilitation doctor I highly recommend you get rid of him and get a more credible rehabilitation doctor.

    It has been my experience that they are useless. The only benefit is they can fill out a prescription for physical therapy and medication. Physical therapist and athletic trainers are much more greater value than going to rehab doctor.

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