Life is so busy, you work all day and it's hard to feel like working out. And on days off things always distract us. Even when we have the time, focusing on every exercise and knowing you need to put in at least an hour can be overwhelming. But with spinal cord injury we need to and can be better than most anyone thinks. Some of my goals are to build strength and function. I'm realizing that instead of focusing on the big picture all in the same day and feeling defeated that if I focus on individual areas / muscles one day at a time that it can be very beneficial. If we only had ten minutes to workout we might think it's not even worth trying. But what if we took that ten minutes and strength trained a key limb or muscle effectively that was important to us and would make our lives a bit or possibly even a lot more functional? Ten minutes is just a guess bu maybe it would take less or a little bit more time but the point is brick by brick and that will build success. It's sad that I'm so uneducated about the body and strength training but I'm trying to learn. I started reading the book of muscle by Ian King, not to look great but to build strength and gain knowledge about how the body and muscles work and how to strengthen them. But in there he mentions a study in a group of men in their 60's and 70's did exercises for their knee flexors and extensors, their knee flexor strength increased by 227 percent and their knee extensor strength jumped by 107 %. Of course with sci we can't move all of our muscles, but whatever we can move can be strengthened. This one example encourages and motivates me.

What muscles / exercises would be key blocks to focus on to make big differences over time? I also read that two months of strength training erased years of non training, in able bodied people. I know everything doesn't always apply to us but I believe we can be better. And really how often do we ever focus effectively on a particular area steadily for a 2 month period? I know I might think about my goals regularly, but being able to put in the consistant work is a tougher task.

If you only had time to focus on three exercises / strengthening movements but with regular effort you would see progress what three would it be?

Thank you for listening and thank you for the help.