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Thread: How to break your B&G 6 way power seat

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    Cool How to break your B&G 6 way power seat

    Experimenting with loading my power chair I moved my seat forward while the seat was rotated at a 90. Noticed a popping sound. My ears and eyes quickly located on to the source. The seats umbilical cord plugged into the side wall of the van had exhausted its length and was tearing the plug out of the wall at a 90. Now the airbag warning light are all on. The manufacturers electric seat adjustment will not operate. The B&G power feature are still operable. Assume I broke the plug or the receptacle. Caulk one up for me, sharing so other may not experience the same results.

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    In my previous van, I had a number of issues with the wiring for the powerseat base. Now I monitor the plug and cables often. They don't tell you much about that at all but the "umbilical cord" gets moved, caught on things, etc. etc. Thanks for the warning, it is a good reminder.

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