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Thread: Falci Adaptive Motorsports is big time race team

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    Falci Adaptive Motorsports is big time race team

    Check the (Falci Adaptive Motorsports) site. They have a main site, then a site that has the Film Info and links and whatever you need. Yeah, yeah, same Dr who does the surgeries. He has a site that you will really enjoy and maybe get involved with. Pass it around, go to it... see if you have what it takes to have a (SCI) and go on this site and not feel better already! It is truly into the next level. They are going to run a famous Quad who owns a Indy Car Race Team (Sam Schmidt). For the first time in the history of the Dinosaurs or Man... will a Quad drive a total Corvette LSR Race Car with heads up technology JUST like a fighter Jet from what I can get out of the secrete service type dudes that don't gush with answers when asked? . If you have any trouble , just google (Falci Adaptive Motorsports) and tons will pop up. GO to F-A-M to find out all the details on the movie and the astonishing feats of Sam driving that Stingray Race Car around INDY.. and that FILM Too will be aired just before Indy near the end of May!

    Http:// Password: racecar2014 This is the Movie/ Simply Go To The vimeo link then enter password racecar2014

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    WOW. The real guy who was 1st supposed to drive at Indy , then asked to go and ride with maybe another car, then asked if I would ride with Sam at Indy, then never heard from them, again, other than to ask me not to cause trouble for Arrow. LOL, wow, WHAT A BUNCH

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    So... from their site, they built a race car for a para that is ideal for exhibition purposes? why in the world would you waste money building a race car for a high quad? unless of course you were the high quad and it was your own money?

    I don't see the point. At least spend it building some accessible uber cars or airport shuttle buses. That could actually help a lot of people.

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