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Thread: may no longer be a techie but I found a neat little device

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    may no longer be a techie but I found a neat little device

    When I first broke my neck people told me you could talk to computers was even a beta tester for IBM Via Voice and another one I don't remember, this was in the 80s.

    But here today I no longer need anything but my voice to write a letter, make a phone call, or search the web. Computers in their true functionality, have change society in incredible way the last 20 years.

    I bought a Plantronics USB wireless speakerphone to just uses as a speakerphone, and get rid of my six pack size AT&T Piece of junk.

    It is a little bigger than a cigarette pac, there are no wires to it. Not only does it free up a lot of desk space but I found it works perfect for Dragon Naturally Speaking which I'm using right now.

    This one microphone lets me literally ask the computer question, dictate a document and answer the phone.

    All these functions were available before but this one microphone does quality voice recognition, my telephone space called and my browser and I think it's pretty cool.

    No wires, nothing reminds me of that Star Trek episode where Scotty takes up the miles and talks to it. As I am writing this I can say search the web for Cleopatra's birthday, and the answer is October 69 BC.

    I found it for $99 delivered, but here the technical specs

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    i need to learn how to use google now and the voice capabilities of the android.
    cauda equina

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