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Thread: Laxative dependancy

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    Laxative dependancy

    So I am in need of advice on how to get past a 2 year laxative dependency of bisacodyl. I have unfortunately been using it about 6 times a month for the last two years at a 5mg oral dosage. It still works but I know it causes damage and problems so I'm trying to get off of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also is there any idea how much damage 2 year use has done?
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    Also I should note that I usually eat 30g of fiber and get at least 2qt(usually a gallon though) of water daily
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    You probably have not done much damage. I would not worry about it.
    To get off of it, you need to keep a diary of your bowel program for a few days - 5-7 days. Keep track of what, when and how much you eat, what medications you take and when, and how much you drink/when. Also, the timing of your bowel program - when you start, what you do, and how long it takes.
    Once you get this information, then you may be able to see a pattern of when you need to use the bisacodyl. From that, we may be able to figure out how to "fix" this with the least disturbance to your life.

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