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Thread: Pros/Cons of Ergonomic Seating?

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    I looked into ergo seating when I got my chair. It was a definite no-go for me because it puts more stress on the ishiums. I’m curious to find out how this type of seating is affected by the smartdrive. I never got that far when looking into it.

    As for the smartdrive, I hope you can get it. After all these years of being injured and all that you have been through, there should be no question as to your need for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlmtrhmiles View Post
    Titanium approved price $1500. Hmm. I did not want the headache of trying to get the damn thing paid for and just decided from day 1, I will pay for it. At least I told dealer, if they did not give me Internet price, that is where I will buy it from. At least they instantly told me yes. I think, if you create yourself a few realistic options when you are going to buy, you then can "play" because it is you holding the cards.
    In Canada, we don't have the option of buying it online. Not only can they not sell to us, it wouldn't be covered by the gov's assistive devices program. We have to go through a dealer. I don't know about lynnifer, but there is only one TiLite dealer near here (she's closer to Toronto, she may have more options though).

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    Yes, front tapered seat is available with TiLite ergonomic seating. SmartDrive works with titanium chair, and there is some flexibility to accommodate camber bar diameters.
    If I had read further, I would have seen that TiLite already answered this!

    answering ancientgimp05-08-2014 08:36 AM
    I see no reason you could not use SmartDrive w a titanium chair unless camber bar diameter is the issue. Do not get same measurements if you are doing front endos out of chair. My most recent chair has a 20" deep seat thereby increasing wheel base length, most stable chair I have ever had. I cannot tolerate a chair without tapered seat, front end. I am not sure tapered seats are available w ergonomic seating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    I looked into ergo seating when I got my chair. It was a definite no-go for me because it puts more stress on the ishiums.
    Is this true, if so why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    (Note: I can stand, and have full sensation.) I was curious about ergo, too, so I fabricated a wooden wedge ergo seat from some scrap plywood and lumber (heavy!) to rest on top of my solid seat pan beneath my cushion. I tried several different lengths before finding a good length for me. I used it for several months, then removed it to see whether or not I liked it or not. Without it my back began aching within a couple hours. I put it back, the aching subsided, and I'm sold on ergo seating.

    I subsequently also acquired a rigid backrest. For me the combination of a solid seat pan, an ergo seat, and a rigid backrest are perfect; my chair is super nimble now, and my pushing feels very efficient and comfortable. (Ultimately I bent my solid seat pan and installed two small wedges between the frame and rear edges of the solid seat pan to shed weight.)

    But I'm also convinced through my own trial and error experiences that our needs are all exceptionally unique. I have tried things that others loved that just didn't work for me.

    If you can, find a way to try an ergo seat to see what it does for you.
    After reading about the ergo option, I really wanted to try it before my first custom chair was ordered. Doctor would not prescribe it, even after I made a crude prototype, and like you, found it to be a real advantage. Totally agree with your idea of trying before buying, although no one supports that and we have to be inventive! Also totally agree that combination of solid seat pan, rigid back, and ergo seat work very well together. Yes, it is an individual thing, of course!

    I am so grateful for the exchanges on this forum, helped me get a first chair (finally!) that is working well. My condition is progressive, so I hope it will continue to serve me well over time.

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    I now have a TR with factory ergo seating based on the final form of my home-made ergo on the AeroZ. Ergo seating works superbly for me.
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    Doesn't work for me at all. It completely throws off my lumbar lordosis as well as causes extreme pain around my fixation.
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