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Thread: Penis Spasms?

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    Penis Spasms?

    During intermittent cath what can cause the semi-erect penis to spasm?

    He says after 3-5 minutes.

    What are some causes?

    Respectfully and Thanks


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    It is the reflex kicking in. Even though you can not feel the stimulation, the nerves are stimulated. Spasticity is a result of this stimulation.

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    thanks nurse..

    thought it might be bladder wall being hit or those nerves at entrance.

    but got the same spasm reaction without cath inside.

    never lasts. just a spasm or two then no more. no AD.

    just trying to make sure nothing long term or serious beginning to happen.

    with sci you can never really know till doc runs proper test.

    i just never saw it happen before. in 3 day period happened 3 times out of 10 caths.

    anyway there are prostate problems now, just waiting on proper advice from doc.

    thanks again
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