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    Eric l

    Too bad these CC message boards don't draw the reader traffic like the old CareCure, since this thread would ordinarily illicit a boatload of comments.
    The Eric LeGrand snafu at Rutgers was almost laughable. A few years ago anything, including the utterance of a sound due gas reflux from him was enough to carry the day's headlines in the NY/NJ region. All said, here's the first guy since Christopher Reeve that convinced us that he'd soon be walking again following his devastating injury. We'd repeatedly heard "If anybody could do it, Eric would", since he was, after all, a football hero and was destined to make it big in the NFL. For the next few years he continued to be in the news, always capturing the admiration of those interviewing him, and the imagination of those already inflicted with the condition like ourselves.
    Flash forward, he's not quite "Eric who?" but clearly he's no longer all-the-rage in the news agencies like before. That said, when it came to choosing who would replace former Secretary of State, Condi Rice to deliver this year's commencement speech at Rutgers, apparently Eric made the short list (and told to prepare?) only later to be passed up by former, make that very former, governor Tom Keane.
    Suddenly Eric LeGrand was back in the news, just about every local TV and radio station picked up the story. Not the story we SCI would have liked to see however, instead Eric was complaining that "politics" was responsible for him being passed over. Was it?
    In the end, a spokesman for Rutgers stated that both Mr LeGrand and Mr Keane will be speaking at this year's graduation commencement.
    When will we hear from him again?
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    Isn't he working now for both the Tampa Bay Bucheneers and the CDRF? Was he valedictorian of his class even? Condi Rice has done something. If he was passed over it is probably because he hasn't really done much yet.
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