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Thread: My new MARVEL M1 camber tube prototype......

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    My new MARVEL M1 camber tube prototype......

    some of you may remember my MARVEL camber tube failure last summer......this was my original MARVEL that i bought in 08. this was the first operational failure of any kind in the first 5 years i owned the chair. i did have, thank god, another used MARVEL i picked up off the net as a backup but i prefer the 2* camber tubes and my backup has 4

    since i have since not been able to locate a replacement 2 degree camber tube i decided to make my own with the help of a crafty family member that has access to the machinery needed.....

    the tubes are steel stock that have been welded to hex stock then bored with 2 degree sleeve inserted in the hex end them for the axles. the top of the hex head is punched to located top dead 90* center. the axle sleeve is the same length as my other MARVEL Rogue wheels for rim interchangeability. they are heavy but we are going to work on that.

    i do not anticipate another camber tube failure, the frame will go before the new tubes do, lol

    i should have Ole' Blue back on the road here reeeeeaaaaaal soon!!!! YEEE HAAAAA

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    Very cool, Bob! I still have my blue M1. It's been hiding in my closet since a few months after I bought it. Been thinking a lot about using it, recently. Love the suspension, build quality, and unique design. Been waiting for one of my BT-MGs to fail to give me an excuse for deploying it! They just don't seem to break. Ever. Going on 8 years. Anyway, that tube looks SOLID!
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    well, if you would like to deploy it from your closet into mine, i may be interested.

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    That is an impressive repair.
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    Very Nice
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    I like steel, they never break.
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