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Thread: Monarch Hand Control Bracket

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    Monarch Hand Control Bracket

    I recently purchased a set of Monarch hand controls for a mini van I just purchased. The mounting bracket that came with it will not work for the van. I called the only place that installs the hand controls in my area to see if they would sell me a bracket. They told me due to liability reasons they couldn't sell me one. They offered to install the hand controls but they wanted $600 for the install which is too much for me to pay. Does anyone know where I could get a bracket or adapt something to mount the hand controls on a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan? I have a baby coming in June so I need to get this done as my Monte Carlo will not fit a third kid

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    I never installed monarch brand so I'm not familiar with the particulars on those...but could a heavy guage angle iron piece tapped and threaded for the mechanism bolts, and then attached with some heavy hose clamps be an option? That's how I have my (other brand) controls installed on a 2013 Chrysler LX/LC steering column as part of those controls 'universal' mounting scheme.

    $600 for the install? That's including the controls also, right? Seems pricey for labor only and a mounting base.

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