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Is the price just for one catheter or a box of how many?
box of 30. First couple I did buy to try and prove to my Dr we should try something else. Actually I guy from Cali was up visiting a friend of mine and gave/showed me the closed system version he used. Couldn't believe how they just fell in my bladder.

The closed system, yikes, all I could think of was all that plastic sitting in the landfill for eons. I always hated the amount of waste this life entails, especially in rehab. I'm not an environmentalist, just hate taking out the trash.

An older teammate told me about a Nam vet he knew once. He said the guy would keep a cath inside the brim of his ball-cap, no wrapper, and re-used the thing for years lubing it with spit. Never got an infection. "Once you become immune to a set batch of bacteria you're fine." It got me thinking....

I carry a little man-purse under my chair with cath in wrapper I re-use for months, tube of lube, and an empty water bottle. I never get infections anymore... chlorine from the swimming pool cleaning out my pee-hole almost daily could be a contributor but besides that I am a pig. When I read about people doing clean technique with brand new catheters and all this vetericyn talk I just shake my head at how lucky I am.