I have had a problem with skin breakdown in this area for many years. It develops little "fissions" that bleed when irritated. Went to my dermatologist a few years back and she said it was something caused by it being cleaned so much, but since I spray the area with Verericyn before cathing (and have had no UTI in 5 Yrs) I don't put much effort into cleaning it before the cath. I use baby wipes, so don't know if that makes it worse or not. I do know soap irritates it because when I take a shower, if I don't get the body wash off that area pretty quickly it will get re-irritated quickly and bleed. I went back to my derm. today to discuss it again because the little "splits" around that area (including the clitoris) bleed profusely while my husband and I have sex. Today she is saying that it might be caused by low estrogen and to go see a gynecologist and see if they recognize this skin issue as a symptom of low estrogen. Has anyone else had this issue and what DO you use to clean? BTW, I am 56 but have no other symptoms of Menopause so don't think that is issue.