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Thread: Motomed viva2 for sale

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    Motomed viva2 for sale

    I have a Motomed viva2 for sale. Essentially in new condition. I am located in Southern California and would ideally like $4500 but am open to offers.

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    Not 100% sure, but I don't think it is set up for FES.

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    are you still selling..what condition is it in...
    is it for arms also
    i live on a low disability income, are you willing to work on a lower price

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    Yes, the unit is still available. It has both the leg and arm fuctions. It is in very good condition. It was used by my mother-in-law periodically for a couple years. She was only able to use it about 10 min per day. Yes, we would like to see someone get use out of it, so we could consider a lower price. If you email me, I can send some photos and we can discuss the price off-line.
    my email is:

    Look foward to hearing from you.

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    i emailed you last night

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    Do you still have the bike?

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    I have already committed the bike to someone else and will be shipping tomorrow. If something changes I
    'll let you know.

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    This item has been sold.

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