I am wondering if anyone in Arizona may be able to help answer some questions for me. I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. My wife and are considering a move to the PHX area (Glendale, Mesa or Tempe). I currently live in Minnesota and just can't tolerate the cold long winters anymore. I am wondering what the Arizona caregiver (PAS?) programs are like for people with high level care needs? Here in Minnesota I qualify for 24/7 caregiver services (called PCA here) because I need help with all cares/activities and I use a Bi-PAP 8 hours or more per night so that qualifies me as ventilator rating so I get 24 hours per day of care. I hire all my own caregivers and a "Choice Agency" pays them ($11-12 per hour).

I'm curious what you have experienced with the care assessments for someone like me? Do you or do you know anyone who gets 24 hours per day of in-home P.A.S. care in AZ? Or are the amount of hours per day very limited?

Is it very difficult to find good caregivers there?

What is the average pay rate for caregivers there?

I am just trying to get as much info on the services there to help in our decision to move. We have 1 family member there and a couple friends moved there in the last year. We do have very good medicaid and care services in Minnesota, its just getting tough for me to function here in the winter that lasts 5 months.

Thanks for your time and any insight you can provide me!