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Thread: Hemorrhoidectomy and autonomic dysreflexia

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    Well just read this post, my idiot surgeon obviously did not have much experience with SCI gave me softeners but did not advise not to use suppositories and not to get out of bed for at least 1 week, no wonder my stitches came out.

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    Just for the record - Hemorrhoidectomy can mess-up Urinary tract mechanics.
    Now I am 23 days after my surgery and first 2 weeks I had trouble urinating.
    As Quad C-6 Incomplete I have preserved since my accident 14 years ago my bladder involuntary ability to pump out urine.
    Not all - there was always 250 ml residue but at least my bladder was pumping out once when quantity in bladder reach 500 ml.
    Even I was treated for neurogenic bladder with ditropan xl (I didn't use this medication since November last year).
    After surgery for about 2 weeks, I could not pee almost at all and whenever I do IC there was 800 - 900 or even 1000 ml in bladder that never be able to hold more than 500 ml.
    When bladder start to spasm sphincter could not open and when it try to open I had pain in my rectum where was fresh wound after surgery. Finally after 2 weeks things start to normalize and now seems to be ok. Only my bladder keep holding more urine than before (approx 600 - 700 ml); Hope to help anyone with similar problem / situation to recognize symptoms and see my experience if find this note.

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