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Thread: An item I found that might help some with wheelchair transfers.

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    Thanks for the info. Any transfer equipment is of interest to my husband and I, both older wheelers. We seriously are looking at this item. There are some situations where it might be handier than a transfer board. The reported weight of it could be an issue, but if it could be tilted and pushed, might be workable.
    You're quite welcome. Yeah, I could see it's weight being an issue for some people. I've though about maybe making it more transportable by adding a pair of small locking casters to the bottom, so when it's tilted up I could just roll it where I need to use it.

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    I recently moved, my old place had a rope and handle bolted and hanging from the beamed ceiling, this is how I transferred from the chair to my lounge. Not able to do this here at my new place. My shoulders are acting up and age is catching up with me, this looks like the perfect item to use for transfers at home.
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