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Thread: Jay 2 cushion

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    Jay 2 cushion

    Dear friends,

    Has anyone of you tried booth Jay2 and Jay3? Which of them do you consider is better?

    Now I'm using a Jay3 cushion but I'm thinking to buy a Jay2 one after the old one just broke. I might be subjective, because I didn't tried them in the same time, but I'm thinking that Jay2 is better than Jay3?

    Is anyone else having the same opinion? If you tried them, can you tell me what do you think about them?
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    The Jay2 is gel only.

    The Jay3 comes as either Gel or Air bladder. Are you wanting to stick with the Gel or go with the air bladder.

    The Jay3 is pretty identical to the Roho Hybrid elite the bladder is made by the roho group and I am pretty sure the foam base is too, but the cover is different.

    I prefer the airbladder version when compared to the gel version.

    I started out on the Jay 2 (2years) and moved to the Roho hybrid elite(2 years), at first I demo'd the jay version, but found the cover ripped away from the base and the handle ripped from the base.. Which is sad as my original Jay2 cover was really well made.

    Hard to say one is better than the other, it's what works better for you. If you're just going from a Jay2 gel to a Jay3 gel, I couldn't really tell the difference apart from the cosmetics.

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    Thank you for your feedback NW-Will.

    I'm interested about the gel version of Jay3 vs Jay2.
    Does anyone tried both of them?
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    Probably a useless data point since I don't have sensation, but I've used both for a couple of years each. Obviously I can't comment on comfort, but I have not had any skin breakdown issues with either cushion (and I'm horrible about doing routine weight shifts!). The J3 is thinner and lighter than the J2 if that matters.

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