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Thread: Nerve Pain and Feeling

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    Nerve Pain and Feeling

    Lately me nerve pain has been changing along with my spasms. Every time they get worse then get better or a different part of my body has pain or spasms my feeling seems to get better. I could feel the wait of my nephew sitting on my lap last night like never before. Does anybody believe there is I correlation between the two? I wouldn't have before but I believe there is now. Just a thought.

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    I went through the same thing early on. I was injured on 1/13/1990 and "pain=more sensation" was consistently the norm for me for about the first 5 yrs. In the past 19 yrs "pain=more sensation" has happened a few more times but certainly less than the first 5yrs. I'm a c4-c5 incomplete.
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    Can't say that is my experience - if it were , I would be bionic man by now. NP pain happens and the only benefit is misery from which you can build a greater character.

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    My strongest muscles below my incomplete C6-7 injury are my quads. I was on methadone for the Np I went through for about 6 months after the first few months. I still have a contracted right hand and the NP in it started while I was still an acute inpatient. Thankfully the NP pretty much ended after a year but almost 22 years later the hand is still clenched. I've felt it go either way and seen the same in others.
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    My NP is horrible like everyone elses but it seems that when my NP flairs up something changes. May just be in my head. I have been hurt 7 years in July.

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