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Thread: Bathrobe suggestions?

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    Bathrobe suggestions?

    Anyone have advice on a comfortable bathrobe, for use in a wheelchair, that is comfortable and not too ridiculous to wear around the house?

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    You could do an internet search for "wheelchair bathrobe."

    My search turned up a few:

    All the best,

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    The poncho type (as above) seem to be the easiest to put on and provide good coverage.


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    Google for "surfers robes / ponchos". They are easy to get on and light weight. I've also made a cheap easy poncho for after the shower that just drapes over the head, made out of fleece with no sewing required.
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    Thanks very much for the links and suggestions. I am using this not for warmth but just to wear around the house when I have visitors but am too lazy to get dressed. I am slightly skeptical of any non-cotton robe. I once bought a non-cotton robe that itched and I had to throw it out. So I prefer cotton.

    I am also thinking of buying a normal bathrobe and asking a tailor to modify it.

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    I bought a 20 dollar robe and I cut the back in a curve where it would usually bunch up!
    Then I put some liquid stuff on that helps prevent it from fraying! It works pretty good
    and was pretty cheap

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