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Thread: Tilite composite scissor locks average life?

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    Yes they are rivets. When my spring broke I was like no big deal replace spring for penny's. Not the case. I have had one side that unlocks all the time with transfers or just sitting talking to someone. Pop! and there I go.

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    I have had my chair 3 years i think and no issues with the composite locks on mine, although i rarely use them.
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    If your brake pops out, try to move the brake arm a little farther out. Maybe it is not fully in the canteleavered locked position (ie. it isn't fully engaged). If you don't want to try adjusting the arm, try less air pressure to simulate this and see if it still pops out. If you go too far out, your brakes won't hold as well.

    My Quickie compact sissor locks also have rivets holding them together. They do loosen up a little and allow the tire to rock a small amount (not slip), but nothing significant though.

    I consider these brakes a consumable item. It all depends on how often you use them and how much stress you put on them when they are locked.

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    These are rivets on the arm. There is only a single rivet that holds it. I will post some pictures later. My camera not great so I need play with the flash.

    Have thought about moving a bit farther out and see what happens. These are about 15 months old. There were no previous issues. I simply think it is wear Was really wondering the life. They won't last forever. No different than brakes on a car.

    I not like the less air pressure. Do understand exactly what you are saying. Like extremely high pressure. Chair rolls far better and far less resistance.

    Do aluminum scissor lock mount in same position as the composite? Meaning, do you have 360 degree travel available to hand when pushing or does hand smash into lock like a push or pull to lock? My hands are always in different location based on what I am doing.

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    I am not a lawyer, but should someone get injured worse than we all are simply because the brake unlocks unexpectedly, I think Tilike could get into a lot of trouble. Look at the brake issue, GM, I think, is going through right now.

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    My comment about less air pressure was for testing only. Less air pressure would simulate the act of moving the scissor lock farther away from the wheel allowing the cam to travel over center and into the fully locked position ( in other words... to see if the lock snaps all the way locked). Sometimes this may be easier than getting out the tools and moving parts around.

    I need to check this out on my own chair as my locks popped out a few times today.

    And I too like to have my tires at max pressure (140psi)

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    Ha! Ha! Ha! That air pressure is great! I did not know you meant as a try. I do understand what it would simulate. When I bought the chair, it has composite push to lock, I think, so not hold me to that. May have been pull. Anyhow, when spring broke inside 1 of them I changed over to the scissor. I like scissor because no more smashing hand. I do think even going to different material, aluminum or whatever, they simply are going to wear quickly just from use where they are put into high air pressure tire or solid combined with need to work on inclines a high amount of time. My old chair was Quickie and metal locks and rivets and those things wore quickly. The design of the lock, I think, puts them through incredible stress on each close.

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