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Thread: 26 year old L1 spinal fracture - any help appreciated

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    26 year old L1 spinal fracture - any help appreciated

    Hello to everyone,

    I ll try keep this as short as possible. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    I am an athletic 26 year old male, weigh 80kg and eat healthy and have a healthy life.

    When i was 17 years old i had an L1 fractured spine after falling off a game at a luna park. I was administered in hospital (public health care in my country is not very good) where i stayed for about 2-3 weeks lying down. X rays showed an L1 spinal fracture and doctors told me no neurological problems were found (no MRI or ultra sound was done).

    I came out of hospital and was wearing this special suit thing i bought for about 3 months. Doctors told me i recovered well. I had no numbness in legs or anything weird.

    After a couple of months when i first had one of my first relationships i noticed that i had ED. Could get an erection sometimes but not sustain it at all and usually the erection was not hard enough. Had no idea what was causing this so i saved some cash and started visiting different doctors like neurologist - internal medicine - urologist - endocrinoligsts and a couple of others.

    At first doctors thought the cause was hormone related i had slightly high prolactin levels. Anyway the story is long and after so many years (i am 26 now) i finished my bachelor in business management and another course in nutrition and exercise. I studied and read books on hormones and my hormones are 100% fully optimal. All testosterone - estradiol - prolactin - DHT - thyroid. The ED is still there.

    I am 99% the problem is not hormonal and 100% the problem is not psychological as a lot of doctors had told me. I have been in a steady and healthy relationship for the past 6 years and live with my partner and both have jobs. How have i resolved the ED? I basically take a herbal blue pill like viagra 3-5 times a week to have a healthy sex life. (costs me alot !)

    The past year as i managed to save some cash i went to neurologist told him my issues etc and he sent for a full spinal MRI plus an angiogram of the lower area. All have shown ok.

    My question to you guys is what is my next step? Get my spinal MRI and visit a orthopedic? Before when i visited one it was before the full mri scan and back then the doctor did not even ask for one. Only this year i have been asked to complete a spinal MRI. What do you guys believe i should do? Any opinions? I have wasted a great deal of money and have a lot of expenses at the moment and dont want to waste any money for no result like i have been doing. My partner is very understanding and the blue pill resolves nearly everything but there is no spontaneous intercourse happening any more because i have to take the pill like 1 hour before so everything is planned. As you may understand this can become frustrating for my partner.

    Below i will post the report of the spinal MRI.

    MRI OF CERVICODORSAL SPINE: (STIR and T2WTSE and T1W TSE sagittal planes and T2WTSE and T2WFFE axial planes from the level of C3-D1 and T2WTSE axial planes from the level of D4-D8)
    MRI OF DORSOLUMBAR SPINE: (STIR and T2WTSE and T1WTSE sagittal planes and T2WTSE and T1WTSE axial planes from the level of L3-S1 and T2WTSE axial planes from the level of L1-L3 and STIR coronal oblique through the sacroilac joints)

    There is no abnormal signal intensity within the spinal cord or spinal canal stenosis or significant disc herniation. There is however an old grade I collapse fracture of the body of the L1 but there is no involvement of the spinal canal or the intervertebral foramina at this level.

    There are tiny posterior bulging of the annulus fibrosus not causing significant thecal sac compression at the levels of C3-4 and D5-6 without clinical significance.

    There is a cystic structure anterior to the left transverse process of D7 measuring approximately 1.2cm probably without clinical significance.
    There is also evidence of minimal prominence of the lymphatic or venous tissue in the prevertebral space of the dorsal region.
    This could be without clinical significance, however, in view of the patient's symptoms further assessment is necessary.

    There is no evidence of spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis or disc herniations.

    There are no pathological findings from the sacroilica joints.

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    Do you also have issues with bladder and bowel control?? It is unusual to have ED from a spinal cord or spinal root (cauda equina) injury without also having problems with bowel and bladder control. In addition, it is rare that Viagra or the other oral ED drugs will work for those who have damage to S2-4. It may be that you had a vascular injury in addition to your spinal fracture. Have you seen a urologist and had any studies of your penis blood flow or nocturnal erections?


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    Thanks for the reply.

    No i do not have any bladder or bowel control problems at all.

    Yes i have seen a urologist and have done a CT ANGIOGRAM that showed i should have good blood flow towards the penis. I will post the results of the CT ANGIOGRAM as soon as i go home as i am at work at the moment.


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