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Thread: Suprapubic Catheter

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    Suprapubic Catheter

    My husband's work schedule has changed and this has altered the number of IC's he's able to assist with. For me, this has lead to an increase in UTI's. I have an indwelling catheter but my urologist is suggesting a suprapubic. I'm scheduled for the procedure 4/30. I'm not an SCI. I have spastic quadriparesis (a form of cerebral palsy). I also had a TBI about ten years ago that significantly increased my spasticity. I have a baclofen pump and full sensation. I've listed some questions below. Any input would be helpful.

    1. How much discomfort did you have after the surgery and how long did it last?
    2. How long did the site take to heal?
    3. Do you swim in a pool? If so, how do you manage the site and catheter?
    4. What kind of dressing do you use over the site?
    5. Any helpful tips or other things you would like to share?

    Thank you so much!

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    You put a sit drain sponge with tape around the tube. It is a fairly easy and usually not painful procedure. Over time you don't need a dressing at all. To swim you should totally cover the opening and tube and swimming would be prohibited for a while. CEOCEO

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    Split drain sponge

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    Jodielynn, have any other options been explored? Would you be able to do your own catheterization with a Mitrofanoff? Compared to an intermittent catheterization, an indwelling catheter would increase your risks for UTI, urinary stones, and possibly bladder cancer over the long run. I would encourage you to discuss this option with your urologist, and if they are not familiar or experienced with this surgery, get another opinion from a urologist who is.


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    I am a quad so my sensation is different from yours but i had this done back in 1994 and i cath through my belly button. It has been wonderful for me. At the time they also took some of my intestines to enlarge my bladder so the recovery in the hospital was a little over a week and then i had to cath every two hours at home for about a week and then just whenever i needed to. I wish you luck in whatever decision you make!

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    Thank you so much for the input. I put the surgery off and am seeking a second opinion and additional options.

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