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Thread: Anyone know of a gym in Phx AZ that is wheelchair accessible?

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    Anyone know of a gym in Phx AZ that is wheelchair accessible?

    My husband is recently injured and wants to join a gym to workout. We're unsure of what type of facility will work the best. We have gone to the local community college and they do have a weight machine set up for wheelchair users.

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    Check out Spofit. It's an excellent facility, and totally accessible.

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    Thanks. We'll check it out.

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    SpoFit rocks. All the exercise equipment there is accessible and there's even a track to push around. All wheelchair sports in Phoenix are played down there. A couple times a year the basketball and rugby teams play. Scott Hogsett, the lead character from Murderball, is the team captain. He's really cool and willing to answer whatever questions you have. Have fun
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