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Thread: Anybody interested in a set of Menox right hand controls?

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    Anybody interested in a set of Menox right hand controls?

    I just took these out, they're 3 years old. I paid $1195.00 installed not sure what they are worth. If anyone has any interest in them let me know.
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    Please check you PM

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    I still have these. Let me know if your interested in them.
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    Maybe, but probably still a while. I not drive in 12+ years. Finally attempting to put it all back together. Need to medically pass bunch of things and ultimately get driver license back. Really not know how long that will take.

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    Would you be willing to sell just the top T-bar part? Mine broke and Menox will not send me a replacement. All that attaches it is a screw that takes about 30 seconds to undo. I would be willing to send you a prepaid envelope to mail back the part along with $60.

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    Not too serious, but kind of thinking these might make an interesting project. If you have time, what is the maximum length away from the brake pedal they can be (max length of brake rod)? Have these been cut to fit, or standard out of the box and adjusted as necessary? How far from the pedal are they now (measured parallel and outwards)? And finally, how wide is the lever and lever hinge mechanism? Can I get some top-view pics?

    Well, that's the barrage of questions for now

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    I am interested. What are you looking to get for them? I also sent you a pm.

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    Sorry guys I have not been on in a while but they are sold. This thread can be deleted!
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