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Thread: Attendant care funding in the USA?

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    Question Attendant care funding in the USA?

    A buddy of mine relocated with his wife to the US Virgin Islands.... my gf joked we should follow as winter just won't fckin end in NW Ontario. But then I was wondering, is there anything in the USA such as attendant care funding by the gov't for person with disabilities? I get 27hrs a week through a local govt funded agency in my hometown. No way I could afford that out of pocket. Does the USA have similar programs?

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    Normally the answer is no unless immediately preceded by a hospital stay of more than 3 days or if your state includes this in their Medicaid package. None of this applies to the US Virgin Islands except Puerto Rico and then only after the 3 day stay. The USVI are considered territories so even US citizens with Medicare coverage are not covered in them as they do not participate in Medicare. But hiring your own help may be much cheaper there then in the US or Canada.
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