I just came across a new all-terrain third wheel option and wanted to share it. We have been been looking for something like this, because we need something that mounts on the front frame, and not on the footrest like the Freewheel.

Here is a link to the TNS Smartwheel (in Dutch). I've done a rough translation of the text below and plan to talk with them more about it soon.

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Smartwheel is a removable cross wheel which ensures that the front wheels of your wheelchair come from the floor 4 to 5 cm, so the wheelbase lengthens your wheelchair. As a result, you drive much lighter and obstacles such as curbs, forest trails, grass, etc. are much easier to overcome.

  • Smartwheel is easy to disconnect, but not from the wheelchair unless you turn the front wheels on a threshold.
  • Installation is done by means of couplers, which are placed with terminal blocks onto your wheelchair.
  • For straight front frames, the standard couplers are included. For non-standard frames, other than diameter 30/32 mm frame tube, other terminal blocks are optionally available.
  • The frame color is black, with other colors on request. The rims are available in multiple colors or optional carbon.
  • Due to the permanent 90 degree head angle during cornering, this cross wheel in dynamics and rigidity by far the best solution.
  • Price: Euro 695 00 (including 6% VAT)