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Thread: Impact of Disablitiy on Romantic Relationships

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    Impact of Disablitiy on Romantic Relationships

    My husband and I participated and we found it extremely interesting, so I offered to post this for Steven:

    Call for Participants to be posted to disability networks, disability studies, social groups etc.

    The following solicitation is for research participant purposes:

    Perceptions of Disability in Romantic Couples that Contain One Able-Bodied Partner and One Disabled Partner
    In many relationships, one partner has a disability and the other does not. I am seeking to interview both partners separately to better understand how they perceive disability affects various aspects of their lives together (e.g. socializing, household duties etc) and what, if any, differences there are in their perceptions or the significance they attribute to these effects. This is not evaluative, but attempting to better understand if there are any themes among couples. Information such as this will contribute to better understanding of disability and intimate relationships, family studies, and societal impact on relationships of this description.

    I am a Ph.D. student at Syracuse University where I study the Cultural Foundations of Education and Disability Studies. I am also Deaf myself and in a relationship with a hearing woman, which contributes to my motivation for conducting this study.

    If you agree to participate, you certainly can withdraw from participation at any time without penalty or choose not to respond to any particular question. Interviews will last about an hour each (a total of 1 hour/ partner) and I am more than happy to provide refreshment and any accommodations necessary for the interview. Interviews can take place at a private location of your choice within a 100 mile radius of Syracuse, NY, in a private office at Syracuse University, or via Skype conference call if you have the technological capabilities for video/audio conferencing. All personally identifiable information will remain confidential.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Please respond directly to I thank you in advance for your assistance. Please share this call for participants with other people you know that might be interested in participating.

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    We also require that any researchers post which Institutional Review Board/Human Subjects Ethics Committee approved the study, and who to contact (and how) from that panel with any complaints about any ethical issues related to the study. Once that information is provided, the post can be approved.


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    Response received from the OP:

    RB Approval: Syracuse University
    If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the research, contact Steve Singer at, (724)909-9004, or by mail at 230 Huntington Hall Syracuse , NY 13244. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, you have questions, concerns, or complaints that you wish to address to someone other than the investigator or if you cannot reach the investigator, contact the Syracuse University Institutional Review Board at 315-443-3013​.

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