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Thread: Advice on a psychologist?

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    Smile Advice on a psychologist?

    hi folks,

    I've been a quadriplegic for just over 30 years and I've mostly been a lurker here. I've made a few posts. I've had my ups and downs, probably more downs than ups unfortunately but I'm still here and trucking along.

    it seems things are getting gradually worse for me for a variety of reasons I won't get into here and a friend suggested that perhaps I should go see a therapist (psychologist). I went through some counseling for a little while after I was injured but then I moved and never really got involved with that again. This counseling that I initially had was actually a friend of the family who just happened to be a psychologist. Of course things were quite a bit different way back then. I was still a teenager, thought this was probably temporary, and wasn't as receptive to listening. None of that is the case now though. I wish I could say I had somebody in my life that I could talk to so I wouldn't need anything like this but unfortunately I don't.

    But I don't even know where to begin when it comes to something like this. In many respects quadriplegics have to deal with many different things that others simply don't so I'm not sure if just any psychologist will do. Are there ones that even specialize in something like this? If so where do I look for them? And do they take Medicare? Or am I overdoing this and is there other resources I should look into first?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)

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    I doubt that being a quad would be an issue for any therapist, so my advice is to try to find one that is highly recommended. If there is a community health center nearby, I would suggest that you start there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post

    I doubt that being a quad would be an issue for any therapist, so my advice is to try to find one that is highly recommended. If there is a community health center nearby, I would suggest that you start there.
    Thanks so much Donna. I'll look into that.

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    Up here in Ontario, many family physicians are gaining traction as 'chronic illness or disability' counsellors. They are also covered by our provincial health plan. I can't remember the exact name of what they're called ... there must be something like that in the US?
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    You might also call your closest large SCI rehabilitation center and ask for a referral to a psychologist if you prefer one who has experience in disability issues, but any good psychologist should be able to help you with your issues. Your primary care physician may have someone they recommend, or can help you find a psychologist who has the appropriate credentials and affiliations.


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    One of your questions was if a counselor or psych would take medicare. I know that my medicare covers mental health issues just like any other condition. Even with my plan (Cadillac type) there is a co-pay. Best of luck with your issues. I would take sci-nurses advice and start at a rehab clinic for referral.
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    Thank you so much for all the suggestions folks. I am going to call the rehab and see what they have to say.

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