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Thread: 2 Pain Lectures - Understanding Chronic Pain to influence its severity

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    2 Pain Lectures - Understanding Chronic Pain to influence its severity

    An awesome dr friend of mine recorded 2 lectures specifically for me after he heard about the challenges I was having with nerve pain. I have bad nerve pain that I have been able to manage MUCH better after understanding the nature of chronic pain.

    There is a huge component of pain that is under our control. Emotion and anxiety play a giant and clinically proven role in the influence of our pain experience. If you're like me and you like to understand the mechanics of things so you can control them, I HIGHLY recommend these lectures.

    Also, let me know what you think. This was done pro-bono and my friend would love to hear some feedback

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Enjoy, they helped me greatly.

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    These are good talks with a lot of really good information about what pain is and isn't. I would really recommend that anyone with pain should listen to both. Turns out that much of the intensity of central pain is exacerbated by anger and fear.
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    They described me to a T, but I knew I had those issues (mental health therapy, which unfortunately hasn't ever helped. Same with antidepressants.)

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    Interesting. I wondered if anyone had tried Alpha -stim for pain? I've heard and read some good stuff. Link below:

    Someone has offered to lend my husband her Apha - stim. If it works then they can be rented here in the UK (they are quite expensive). I think we'll give it a go but I'm a bit wary of anything that uses an electrical current, even if it's a small one!
    Anyone on here tried one? Thanks.

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