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Thread: what's the ideal blood pressure for SCI...mine is 70 over 45

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    what's the ideal blood pressure for SCI...mine is 70 over 45

    I am an Indian female, 32 years of age, live in Mumbai. Quadriplegic-C5 since 2003.

    Presently I am in Seattle, U. S. for next 5 months.

    I checked my blood pressure today after a very long time and it came out to be 70 over 45.
    the last time I checked, it was 90 over 65 in 2011.

    Also I would like to mention that I did fasting till 1 pm as I had to do the blood test too. I was feeling little weak at that time.

    My blood pressure is low. Can you please put some light on what the ideal blood pressure should be for a quad....

    Does the neurological condition affect the blood pressure...
    Does my empty stomach and the weakness as a result plummeted my BP...

    please guide. thanks.

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    You should rehydrate yourself and take your blood pressure again.90/60 is a common baseline.
    Wre you sitting up? did you have on hose? Abdominal binder? These help keep the blood pressure from dropping when sitting up

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    thank you for the advice. i'll rehydrate n check again..

    yes, I was sitting not any hose or abdominal binder....

    thanks again..i'll recheck and post here...

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    If nothing's wrong, e.g., an infection, adding more salt to your diet may help. My doctor told me that.
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    ok....thank you. I'll definitely do that in my diet.

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