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Thread: CES - 6 Years on and no real answers and no intervention -

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    Hello, I?m new here and was drawn to the impressive library of support and would be interested in your thoughts. I am not new to this injury but it is still very new in my life.

    Cutting a long story short, I think it started following an innocent cycle ride, 6 Years ago. Lower back in agony. I had the pain in the rectum and the need to urinate often. Sexual dysfunction set in after about one Week.

    I saw countless doctors who simply prescribed pain killers and rest. Over the next 3 Months, the back pain and rectum pain resolved. Bowel and bladder function seemed okay but sexual function impaired.

    3 Years ago, whilst lifting a heavy box by mistake, I suffered severe left leg sciatica. Again, the need to urinate increased and I?m sure anal sphincter muscle became weaker. My left leg has also weakened and the muscles thinner.

    I went to the Emergency at hospital but they more interested in how I got to hospital and not in the symptoms. I saw a back specialist and was discharged within a few hours. 2 Weeks after, I had an MRI and three Months later, the results. Again the physio ( not back specialist ) just confirmed that there had been a prolapse but also evidence of spine narrowing.

    Apart from avoiding strenuous activities, no further therapy was offered. Some back exercises were suggested.

    To- date, I have no further back pain, but am aware that I would be in agony if I lifted a heavy item. I can walk normally for miles. I get some twitching in the left leg and occasional numbness in the right foot. Sexual function is impaired. Bladder and bowel function appear okay but sometimes feel the need to urinate more often if I lift something by mistake. On balance, things have ' settled' and not improved.

    Part of me has accepted the situation after 6 Years but part of me is angry because I feel the NHS service in UK may not have taken the right action in my case. I only learned of CES through the Internet. Only one doctor amongst about 12 specialists said to me that it could be CES related or maybe not. Armed with MRI scan, not one doctor suggested intervention of some kind. I appreciate the damage is done and not as severe as it could be by far but the doctors were just silent, almost as if they feared further damage by operating.

    I?m wondering what will happen now, will the situation worsen after 6 Years or am I dealing with something else.

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate your input


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    I think you should can an opinion from a neurologist or neurosurgeon. But in theory it should not worsen if you do not continue to injure the nerves i.e. lifting,

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    Thankyou for your advice

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    I have another appointment next Week with the primary Doctor and I will ask for a referal, just in case he thinks not.

    I went for a long walk today; 6 miles without any pain or problems walking. I thought, if really had CES, would I really be able to do this walking. Just a thought as I know I have stenosis of the spine. I'm wondering if something else is mimicking a similar condition to CES

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