I was invited by my friend/physical therapist to join her and her family (teenage son & daughter) for a seven-day trip to the Hotel Marina El Cid in Mexico in late June. Just wondering if by chance anyone on the list has been there and what they thought about it, especially regarding accessibility in the hotel and on the grounds, i.e. pool, beach etc.?
I've traveled since my accident but only for work and medical reasons, I haven't taken a real vacation since my accident 35 years ago. This friend also offered to help me with all my ADLs while I was there so I wouldn't have to hire a CNA or helper of any kind while there. Got to go while the going is good!

If I can't make this trip, I'd like to plan a trip to someplace similar, and all inclusive resort with those beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue water. Any recommendations on one that's very wheelchair friendly with amenities for the disabled such as beach wheelchairs?

Thanks for any info you can provide!