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Thread: A good weekend turkey hunting.

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    A good weekend turkey hunting.

    We had three Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen spring gobbler hunts this weekend and managed to harvest a bird at each hunt. We also had a couple misses so should have had more birds on the ground. All told, it was a great weekend.

    We started off with a hunt on Good Friday with the Taylor Hunt Club in Orange. This nice gobbler came in at 7:00 to a B-mobile jake and a hen decoy.

    Our group of 6 hunters and the Taylor Hunt Club volunteers.

    Next up, a Saturday hunt at East Belmont Farm in Keswick, just east of Charlottesville. This bird met his demise at 6:30 when he flew in straight off the roost, never gobbled and strutted 80 yards into the decoys.

    One of our hunters, who had never killed a bird, had 8 jakes fly off roost and land 50 yards from the dekes, all while a mature bird was gobbling on the other side of their set up. He passed on the jakes hoping the longbeard would come in, but he never showed closer than 50 yards.

    For five years, we've had one hunter that has come so close to killing his first bird. Well yesterday, he closed the deal on a nice longbeard at our hunt on Panorama Farm just outside Charlottesville.

    A good weekend for our hunters and our program.
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    Great pics. Robin, looks as if a good time was had by all.

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